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The History of the Magic Mill and Golden Grain Grinder
          Johnnie Kuest was the original inventor and manufacturer of the Magic Mill. 
And he started selling them in 1966. He invented the Magic Mill for his wife because her allergies flared up with the mill she was using, when she emptied the flour sack.

In 1974 the company was manufacturing over 3000 grinders a month and had 19 employees. Johnnie sold the company in hopes of retiring. But at the request of many of his former customers, Johnnie went back into manufacturing the Golden Grain Grinder in 1976.

In 1988 Johnnie and Bessie's daughter Dela returned to the company to help her parents after leaving to attend college. Today Dela and her daughter run the business. Two single women single handedly continuing the legacy Dela's father worked to maintain until his death in 2006. Now they continue the family business in hopes of preserving the life long goal of Johnnie's